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A cognitive assessment evaluates important brain function including memory, concentration, processing speed, language and reasoning capabilities.  It has become clear that baseline cognitive assessments are a critical benchmark in and elder’s well-being. A Baseline Assessment provides a reference point and can help understand the nature of the problem and what to expect.  

A Geriatric Cognitive Assessment can help with early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, including:

    •    Memory Loss that disrupts daily living

    •    Challenges in planning and problem solving

    •    Difficulty completing familiar tasks

    •    Confusion with time or place

    •    Trouble understanding visual images

    •    New problems with words and speaking

    •    Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

    •    Poor Judgement

    •    Withdrawal from social actives 

    •    Changes in mood and personality

Amy Feder LCSW, Individual Family Therapy

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